Endorsement badges

How can we attract more users globally to use the Encointer protocol for sybil resilient social media?

Based on the idea decribed here, there is a very low hanging fruit we could pick to test acceptance of social vouches as a low-security social sybil-defense

The Encointer Wallet App already allows any reputable member of an encointer community to endorse other people’s accounts who which to join the community. We could bend this feature and issue a special kind of personhood-badge based on endorsements.

Similar to the blue checkmark on twitter, Encointer could issue a “likely person” badge to be used on Polkassembly and other social media

As Polkassembly already supports KILT credentials, we could bridge our credential to KILT.

  1. A first PoC shall attest a "likely person credential to a KILT DID in trusted manner
  2. A MVP will bridge the credential trustlessly

the required protocol change is small.


  • claimer: A person who doesn’t live close to any Encointer community and can’t obtain a proof of personhood there. The claimer posts regularly on Polkassembly and would like a “likely person” badge besides their username with each post
  • reputable: A person who actively participates in an existing Encointer LoCo community


  1. claimer installs Encointer wallet app and creates an account
  2. claimer and reputable meet virtually and perform the following protocol:
    1. claimer shares their account by QR code in the app, holds it into the webcam
    2. reputable adds the claimer’s contact by scanning the QR code with the app and sends an endorsement extrinsic (thereby vouching for the claimer). The reputable has a limited amount of endorsements available. currently 2 every 10d
  3. claimer requests a badge from the personhood oracle providing their encointer account signature as proof and stating which DID they would like the credential issued to


We can’t securely prevent claimers to approach several reputables and claim the badge for more than one DID. However: the creation of Sybils is involved and bounded

In terms of security, these badges should be seen as an experiment to test the acceptance of such a badge in the Dotsama ecosystem. More secure badges will follow based on Encointer LoCo and BeeDance protocols