Ideas/feature requests

What would you change about Leu or the Encointer Wallet app? Discuss your suggestions below. We look forward to reading your ideas.

Ich schriib jetz mal uf Tsüridütsch :upside_down_face:

Es bruucht unbedingt es Feature ide App wod Bewegige zeigt. Also was alles ii und uuszahlt worde isch an wen und wänn.

Falls es no möglich wär en Mitteilig binere Überwiisig azfüege, wär no besser als guet.


Super Tsüridütsch! Das isch doch äs guets feedback. Mir hei morn Mobile Sitzig u diskutierä grad diä Prios.

It would be cool to have a kind of “bank statement” that can be exported as PDF after the end of the year, to properly declare the Leu in tax filings:

“Der Nachweis hat mittels eines Ausdrucks der digitalen Brieftasche (Wallet), Stand per Ende der Steuerperiode, zu erfolgen.”

A document that shows an account number, balance at the end of 31.Dec and date in it would probably be enough.

It would be cool if you could include disable persons in the encointer procedure.
For example, one of the meeting points could be outside the house of a disable person, so that this disable person can participate to the encointer meetings.