Should daylight saving change gathering time?

In the Leu’s timezone, there is daylight saving time and for the upcoming cycle, it will change to wintertime, so the gathering will not be at 12:50 but at 11:50.

This can lead to confusion. Council could change the offset such that the appointment stays at 12:50

However, such an offset is global and

  • not all countries have dailight saving
  • not all countries with dailight saving change the time on the same date

So, the question is, should this be compensated this time only as Leu is the only community on mainnet, or should the community get used to this effect as we will not compensate this in the future?

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Thank you for pointing this out. I do see the issue with the global implications. Currently, we only have 1 active community, which would benefit from changing the offset.
This is why I would change it and start developing a solution that works on a global scale.
E.g. Being able to set the time on a community level might be a good idea.

I can find arguments for pro and con:

Pro Change to 12:50:

  • We are on short notice, and we might not the whole community to tell them the change.
  • 12:50 might be a better time in general for people to attend.

Con Change to 12:50:

  • People have already seen that the next meetup time is 1150, and schedule according to that, and we might not reach them until then.
  • 1150/1250 seems like a good overall setting that is feasible in winter and summer. (Better than 1250/1350). So we’d probably want to change it again for summer time.
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If we don’t change the time, it could be announced explicitly in the newsletter. Together with an explanation, that the time for the ceremonies is a global setting (and details on why). Do you think the information will reach the people over the newsletter? I suppose there is no other way to communicate (?).
If there is a way to reach the people, then I would prefer not to change the time

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We have LeuTräff tomorrow, Twitter, Insta and a few Telegram Contacts. So I guess we could spread the information fast enough.

Good thoughts, thank you. Which way are you leaning?

I’m pro 11:50 + Using this opportunity to explain this important aspect of encointer (that only one gathering of one community can be attended and not several). I guess it’s not programmed this way right now, but the original idea of encointer was, that all gatherings take place at “high noon” of the location of the community (so when the sun is at its highest point). In Zürich this is around 13:10 (summer time).

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Ok, seems like the majority leans towards not changing it. Due to the short time period, I suggest to start communicating the new time 11:50 and abstain from holding an official vote for now.